What Does It Take To Make Money Online?


So you want to make a living off a website do you?


Forget about getting rich.  Creating a website or a blog that generates any amount of money is a massive, life-changing achievement. 

Getting to this stage is not really easy.  It requires a moderate amount of intelligence, and a huge amount of perseverance.  Most people don’t have what it takes to succeed.


The Internet isn’t some kind of Wild West.  There are no short-cuts, secrets, or tricks.

You can’t just slap any old crap on the internet, and expect to make a quick buck.  It doesn’t work that way.

Anyone who tells you there is easy money to be made is wrong, or far more likely, is trying to sell you something.  Sadly, many visitors to this site have already spent significant amounts of money on books, or programs that promise such wealth.

The solution for long term success today requires three critical elements.

  • The creation of your own brand of…”YOU INC.”
  • Learning how to market “Correctly”
  • And a Product that people need and want.

My name is Bob Harrell…Welcome to my website.  I’m not here to take your money, promise you the world and deliver nothing.  However, I can teach you the steps that you will need to become a successful entrepreneur where you can work from home and discover true freedom to enjoy with you family.


First of all, you succeed and make money on the internet the same way you do in real life.  You succeed by making something that’s really great.  This can be anything – a saleable product, a service, an information source, or any other website, blog, or offering that’s really good.  It can be funny, comprehensive, inspirational, or just extremely useful.  It doesn’t have to start out good, but you just have to keep improving it until it is good.  It doesn’t have to be new or brilliant, for you to succeed.  It just has to be high quality.


If you are going to build a website, you need to make your site as large as possible, by constantly writing new material.


A great site will be linked to by lots of other websites.  People will recommend to their friends.  It will rank highly in Google.  Lots of people will come to see it.


Once you have a serious number of people coming to your website, it’s relatively easy to turn that visitor stream into money.  The hard part is getting those visitors.


It may sound counter-intuitive, but you need to stop thinking about making money, and start thinking about making a really great site!  You need to make a high-quality site that attracts a large amount of visitors.


Entrepreneurs that are ready to start a Home-Based Internet Business will need a product that everybody needs and wants.

AND A System in place to bring that product to market.

We have both!




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